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Stainless steel surfaces

Remove fingerprints as soon as possible or they will become harder to clean off. Wipe over with a clean damp cloth, then polish off all water with a soft dry cloth.

The E-cloth developed for stainless steel is a great buffer – you can buy it from some supermarkets, electrical retailers and environmentally-friendly product websites.

Remove stubborn marks using a stainless steel cleaner, or rub in a few drops of baby oil to restore stainless steel finishes.

Don't use cooking oils, as they contain salts, which can damage the metal. Avoid wiping down with wire wool or other scrubby pads, which can scratch the surface.


Always read the manufacturer's instructions. On enamelled surfaces, wipe the affected area with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Remove stubborn marks using a paste or cream cleaner or well moistened soap-impregnated steel wool pad, rubbed gently so as not to damage the surface.

Self-cleaning ovens

Ovens with catalytic linings keep themselves clean by catching spills and splashes on rough surfaces which then absorb and break them down. They are then burned off during normal cooking.

Oven cleaners

If you have a self-cleaning oven, don't use oven cleaners, alkaline or acid cleaners, or detergents to clean the oven. 

How do you install them?

Whether it’s gas or electric, you’ll need to get your cooker professionally installed.

What about gas cookers in flats?

The standards regarding the installation of gas cookers in flats have recently changed. If you’re buying a new gas cooker for a flat or other multi-use dwelling, make sure it has flame supervision devices (FSDs) on each burner.

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