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Welding Workshop


What is Welding?
Welding is the process of joining two or more materials, usually metals (also thermoplastics) permanently, to form a continuous material. The ends of the two metals (base metals) that are to be united are subjected to heat, pressure or a combination of both and are brought to molten state. A filler (material used to produce a weld) is placed between the two molten metal parts to form a molten pool or weld puddle. On cooling, a strong permanent bond is formed between the two metals, thereby forming a joint. Various energy sources can be used for carrying out welding such as gas flame, electric arc,
laser, electron beam, ultra sound, friction, etc.

Types of Welding
Welding processes can be classified into different types depending on the combination of pressure and temperature used for joining the materials. The different types of welding processes.




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