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freestanding cooker





  1. glass  cover
  2. tow luxury burners with manul ignition and two electric burners (diameter:155MM,  AC 220-240V 50Hz 1000W/pc)
  3. stainless steel oven plate
  4. five knobs
  5. powder coated body
  6. glass oven door
  7. aluminum handle  (powder coated)
  8. enamel grate
  9. electric oven  (AC 220-240V 50Hz 2500W)
  10. oven with light (AC 220-240V 50Hz 15W)
  11. oven with one oil tray and one grid
  12. use LPG or NG jet
  13. oven capacity: 52 L
  14. product size:585x485x865MM
  15. packing size:600*550*860MM
  16. 1x40HQ container:240pcs
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